What is Counselling?

The Person-Centred Counselling approach was developed in the 1940’s by American psychologist Carl Rogers, who believed that we all have the potential for personal growth and that those who attend counselling should be accepted unconditionally by a counsellor who is genuine, honest and kind.

Having attended my own Counselling only a few years ago I appreciate the difference it can make, but that is also takes courage and bravery to reach out and seek help and support.

As a Person-Centred Counsellor (based in East Kilbride), I will be there to support and help you find both perspective and clarity which can lead to positive change in your life; to listen without making judgements and help you understand your own value and that there can be light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Counselling is based on mutual trust, maintaining confidentiality and no judgements will be made of you regardless of what you wish to talk about during our sessions together.

People who attend counselling can often be struggling with a range of concerns which may include anxiety, low self-esteem, anger, feeling stuck, abuse, low and grief.

In our sessions I will always work in accordance with the BACP Ethical Framework and put you and your feelings first and protect your confidentiality.

More information on the Person-Centred Counselling Approach can be found by clicking the link below: